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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The truth about human

27th September 2011

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Some interesting article to share...

"People spend hours in psychologists’ offices trying to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. But it’s possible that a lot of that time is wasted. A study in Psychological Science suggests that the very effort to think positively may highlight how unhappy you are. Investigators interviewed volunteers and rated their self-esteem. All the subjects were then asked to spend 4 minutes writing about their feelings. Every 15 seconds, some of them heard a bell; when they did, they were supposed to tell themselves, “I am a lovable person.” In that group, those with low-self esteem scores did not feel better; in fact, their writing showed that they felt worse. A better solution for some might be to accept that negative feelings are there—and thus disempower them."
— TIME, “The Decade from Hell” 
How about you?

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