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Thursday, September 22, 2011


21st September 2011

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A blink of eye, is the end of year again...several months to go, and i wonder where i will be. I'm waiting for it. No matter where i go, dad and mom, i still love you.

Being betrayed by someone you trust, being upset by the love one, being cheated by the one you fully trusted and the feeling of being abandoned. I believe this is more than enough. Perhaps, this is some little test in life that we need to go through. I believe all the road in the world is same, is just how you walk through it, and how you handle it. Choose the right path, forget the past, challenge the future. Believe in yourself rather than anyone else. Everyone will betray you unless yourself.

I'm not the one you need to pity with, and once before, i just one of the ordinary human outside there who complain about their life. However,  i won't complain anymore, i understand the meaning of life, and what we need to go through. I take the challenge, and i will face it. I won't feel hopeless, and helpless as i know more than a billion people's outside need more help than me. To those who always complain about their life now, please stop the fuck off. There's more people outside there is more pity than you. Listen to them.

Stay strong!
This is the type of picture that speaks a thousand words.
Interested in how to help? and The Well is a Young Adults Group atEvangel Church whose mission is to provide clean water and the living water in some of the driest places in Africa. 

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