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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sad News

9th August 2011 

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Saddest news ever.... 

Heartbreaking when seeing this news, wonder why there is so much sad news happened recently. Everything in the world happen for a reason. I understand there's a human need, but i believe there's other way to replace those "need" without hurting others. Even animal, they have feeling too. But why this happen? 

Bear kills baby to save it from cruel bile farmers

A man who visited a bear farm and witnessed the horrific practice of bile farming, which caused a mother bear so much pain that she killed her own cub to prevent it from suffering. Bear bile farming involves keeping Asiatic black bears in captivity to harvest bile, a digestive juice found in the ball bladder. The bears are commonly kept in 'crush' cages that do not allow them to stand upright or even move, in some cases. The bile is then extracted via a tube inserted into the bear's abdomen, or allowed to drip freely from a permanent hole made in the bear's gall bladder. Bile farming is reported to be extremely painful for bears as they chew their own paws and beat their heads during the extraction. To stop the bears from committing suicide, they are made to wear iron vests that cover their abdomen....

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