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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last day of 31st August 2011

31st August 2011

Mood: Sleepy

Last day of August 2011....and we will never has this ever again. No matter how long you wait. 

Yet, it's has been 3 years since i came back from UK...I have to admit i really miss i wish i'm still there now...but reality is always hurt.

A brand new month is gonna start in another 1 hour. What would you before the end of august? Planning on next month activities? I'm planning to stop all kind of activities in order to cut down my budget. I really need to put more effort in saving money now in order to achieve my dream. Have to say goodbye to my fav boutique as well as trips. I have to be independent and rely on myself more. :P 

Another three months to go before the year end. And my list of so called "new year resolution" still in pending! Omgosshhh.... :(

And thanks to my friends who accompany me throughout this raya holiday (:P and others holiday too!) , nothing else i can do other than sleep and eat! You guys are the best! Remember always, friendship needs to be treasured and cherished. :)

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