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Sunday, August 21, 2011


21st August 2011

Mood: Happy

Beautiful sunday, with my cup of hazelnut hot chocolate accompany me. The weather is great today. Listening to my current favourite song, an old song by Eagles - Desperado. I always wonder what's the song all about, finally i try to "wiki" what's the song all about...This is such a beautiful song. It has both a beautiful melody and lyrics that is so meaningful. Try to listen to it....:)


It's all about a man who has commitment issues. He's scared to love someone all the way. His friend is trying to get him to commit. There's someone out there who loves him, but he's running from her. He's wasted so many years of his life running from love and he's about to lose his chance. At the same time,  the pain and hunger that he feels for love will cause him even more pain later in life if he doesn't let anyone in now.
(sources: google search)

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