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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a sunday

10th July 2011

Mood: Blank

Tired Sunday, although yesterday I just stay at home...alone in starbucks here trying the new green tea frappe - Black sesame flavour! Superb great taste!! Fall in love with it now...I juz love sesame! And the best is I get it for FREE!!

Counting and counting, just realize it is still early of July, not even half of the month, and my pocket is almost empty...Wonder how am I going to survive till end of the month....:( errgggg...can't wait till end of the month now....

Rainy's been raining for few days, since early of the month...and the number of mosquitos is increasing too!!! Argggg, and the number of bites on my body getting more and more...pray hard, modal Otis pls go away from me...:(

Happy weekend to all my friends...

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