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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cold Night

19th May 2011
Mood: Dull 

As the weather, my mood is dull. It's been raining heavily tonight, no, is superb heavy rain! What a cold and dark night, with thunderstorm accompany me. A totally bad day for me, since morning fucking traffic jam!!! I really hate those driver who always thought the road is them!! As a result, i'm late to work again!!! I really hate KL sometimes, stress... :(

And time to go back, but with super heavy rain! Yes, i'm all wet now!!!!!!!!!! Totally spoil my thursday mood! My brand new shoe and pants are all wet, even my lovely umbrella can't help me! Feel wanna cry now....I just want to reach home as soon as possible! Hopefully everything is fine when i back home!!!

Maybe it's still early for me to dream! Omg, i'm really in double deep shit now!Guess what, my blog is missing!!!!! Omg....i forgot i've accidentally delete my gmail account and now my blog is gone! Yes, is totally gone!!!! My tears almost fall when i think of it....and i know what i can do now is contact blogger helpdesk to help me to solve this!!! I don't care, even begging them, i must have my blog back!!!!! It's been more than 5 years i've been writing blog. It just like my baby, i can't lost it!!! God bless me, finally problem is solve, and i'm here now again...:)

I hate today, obviously not a good day for me! 

It's still raining now, 10.20pm...seem like the clouds is crying so hard tonight...Alright, song of the night, my fav...listen to it lyrics...


我和你的眼中 看见了不同的天空
走的太远 终于走到分岔路的路口
是不是你和我 要有两个相反的梦

谁还记得 是谁先说永远的爱我
以前的一句话 是我们以后的伤口.....

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