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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Things

10th May 2011

Mood: Happy

What is the best thing to do after work without spending any money? Yup, jogging is the best idea, without using any single pence! I enjoy jogging after work, as there are two things I can see...first is sunset. I love sunset, enjoy running while seeing sunset, it really feel good! And most important, sweating is good for health. You feel much more better, as it did help to overcome stress too. Great feeling!

I’m super duper happy mood today! Alright, yup something happen, and it did make my mood today! My portfolio is done, and i never realise there is people who really appreciate my work. I’m happy to know that my portfolio was featured in some of the web design website. Wonder how did i found out about it?

Alright, the story is like this. Today, i log into Google analytical to check the traffic for my website such as blog, tumblr, and my portfolio. I was surprise when I see the number of visitors to my portfolio increase from no one to around 100 visitors in less than a week. While the number for my blog and tumblr is decrease. Ok, I admit that i lazy and really don’t have much time to update my blog and tumblr due to current workload! Sigh! By the way, i do feel surprise especially when i realised my website was featured in some other web design website. I really appreciated when they put my website as example or reference for other designer. It makes me felt that my hard work is worth of it. Thanks! Happy yippie!!

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