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Sunday, April 17, 2011

People come and go

16th April 2011

Mood: Tired

What a sleepy day! It's been raining since early morning...till afternoon. What a nice day to sleep. Unfortunately, i'm working!!! :( 

I'm so tired this matter how many hours i slept, i just felt tired...and not willing to wake up...what happen to me? Pretty stress for me this week, I must say. I think i really need to pamper myself for a while...:P

Straight away after working, head toward KLCC starbucks...and again alone online ING there...quite nice environment especially after rainy day! Just love the moment while waiting for someone to come. Enjoy myself there at least, except for the Wifi. There is at least 10 minutes where the Wifi suddenly down. Sitting there while waiting, I just stare and looking around. A lots of people passed by, and some people just come and go. The moment when I look at them, it just remind me of something about life is like a stage of performance, where everyone playing their own role with their own story. Life is like a stage, people come and go. And I realize this quite true. Some people might just passed by your life and then left, some will hurt you and then left you behind, while some will leave you a deep memory, perhaps a good one, and then left. If you are lucky enough, you will stay on the stage with the people you met, forever and ever. Sometimes, I felt like something's wrong. I met a lot of people, and at first everything seems going to be okay, but then i start feeling like such an outsider. Silly of me, think everything in the world is forever, but then I realize some is just temporary. But somehow, I forgot that life is like a stage. People come and go. Isshh, suddenly become so sentimental! :P

Tomorrow is another better day. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it might not last forever. Appreciate it if it could last forever. So if things are going bad, don't worry, it won't last forever either. No matter what we do, always remember never do smtg that is against the moral. Believe in karma. What fucking comes around, will fucking goes around.

*anyway, today is a great day, i love today!*

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