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Sunday, April 03, 2011


3rd April 2011

Mood: Super Duper Hot

Ben’s is one of the latest restaurants open on the 6th floor of Pavilion KL...I love the environment and the cake there...just simply delicious...the concept of the restaurant almost similar with "Delicious"!! However, of coz there are some differences between them...try it and you will know! This is much more better than the "Garden lifestyle" restaurant at The Curve!

I like the simple design and layout of the menu...overall the restaurant too...despite the colour, it's did look a bit like Delicious at the first glance....i mean the feel of the restaurant...what is more attract me is the workers their uniform...simply nice! 

Yea, i love this "hall of fame"....

Wondering is the food nice? Thumbs up for the food and dessert tastes good..i mean the few that i've tried...for drinks, i just have a simple hot lemongrass tastes superb good...and it's comes together with honey, for those who love sweet drink! i love the smell of the pandan! and of coz i won't forget the little biscuit that come together with the drink! It's just awesome! Wondering where i can buy it.... :P

and this hot chocolate....yummy!!

As always, i will choose pasta as my main meal.... is the choice of the day....Thumb up for this....taste great! But a bit oily....

Second, fish sandwich!

Guess what, this coconut cake is the best of's just awesome!!! Is a must try cake...just a bite and you won't forget it...i want to try again and again!!!

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komrit_k said...

then we will go there again n again! :)