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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stupid Mistake

17th March 2011

Mood: Blank

Do you know?
Everything could happen. Everything could be wrong.

You and me could be wrong. He and her could be wrong. Anyone of us could be wrong.

Fate could be wrong. Feeling could be wrong. Every little words could be wrong.

Problem could be wrong. Mistake could be wrong. The right could be wrong.

Maybe, I'm such a fool. Maybe I've made a stupid mistake. You are good enough. Just I'm not that good for you.

A clown could be wrong too. Why? You know what would make a good story? Something about a clown who make people/everyone happy, but inside he's real sad. 

Who can really understand his feeling? Take a deep breath and look at the one beside you, do you really understand their feeling?

Sometimes, use your heart to feel it rather than use your eye to see. You'll have better feeling. 

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