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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just that simple

10th March 2011

Mood: Happy

Everything almost over...been busy since january...i have a weird feeling that everything is pass too fast...

From new year to CNY to valentine, to concert and sister big day...and finally realised is March now! and it's almost over too...not just being excited on my previous weekend plans ahead, I'm feeling rather exhausted. Not from the overload of work but rather on being...over spending!!! Shit! 

So far right now, feeling a deep regret for over spend, and everything need to count over and over again!

Have to start planning for the upcoming month....

Been busy for career fair since last year, and left a week till now..! Gambatte everyone!! Hopefully after CE, everything will be great! I need to work hard from now onward, too much planning on my mind...and i want to achieve it without just saying. I always believe a promise is promise and i hate those who make empty promise. Don't say just it, but pls do it!

I realised nowadays, humans like to promise over something but did not plan to keep or do it! Or else, keep going giving excuse to delay the plan!

Don't care, urgghhh, i really need to work hard and save!

And i did hate myself sometimes for being lazy!! Need to start jogging from this month onward, no excuse for myself anymore!!! Want stay healhty? Pretty skin??

Fingers crossed everything will be fine and going smooth from now onward! xxxxxx 

Somehow, can't wait for the upcoming trips!!!! xxxxxx

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