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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Can Men and Women Be "just" Friends?

2nd March 2011

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Questions on my mind...and this probably one of the questions I really want to know all the while!! Yes, maybe i'm nerd, or simply stupid as you can say...but frankly speaking, what's the problem with men and women to be just simply friend? It’s a common question and everybody seems to have an opinion or comments on it, can guys and girls really be just friends?

I won't deny that sometimes it really depends on the people involved. Some people can pull off opposite sex friendships and some people can’t. We all are human being, and deniable that we have feeling. No matter how much people will deny and claim that it's "just friendship," a man and a woman sometimes might have feeling either one side or both. There will always be some type of sexual thoughts underlying the friendship. Some people don't know what feelings are appropriate toward the opposite sex, and thus lead to wrong feeling. A lot people told me that, any girl who has a guy as a good friend is either a tease or living in denial. They can guarantee that at least one of them will be attracted to the other and wouldn't say no to a sexual relationship. Not all the guys will make a move on their girl “friends”, but always think, will they turn the girl down if she made a move on them?  

Anyway, for myself, I don't see the reason that guys and girls can’t be friends in reality. Everybody makes this such an issue but perhaps it’s not. The world is so big, and it’s not fair to group all guys together or all girls together. Same gender doesn't mean you can cope well with them. People think that men and women could get together was for romance only. But actually it’s not. Guys and gals both have different thinking and opinions towards everything they see. Hence, when sit together, they can talk about everything. It’s good what!! Me myself have quiet some good guys friends!!! And it’s been many years we know each other! You know who you are, especially the ONE who always say he’s the one “who used to hurt me deeply!” Kekekee….

In the other hand, I have witnessed men and woman being simply friends with both parties happily married or in a serious relationship. We all need friends, and support from them. True friendship is not easy to find. Appreciate those who really treat you well, and think on behalf for you. People say, true friend is someone who you can argue with, and they still be there for you.  

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