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Friday, February 18, 2011

Childhood Memories


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Childhood memories always the best. It provides us with laughs, tears, and learning. And this memories will not become past, as it will remain forever....perhaps it is the most happy moment, without stress and is just that simple! When we were small, we always believe that prince & princess will  lived happily ever after. But is this really happen in real life?

So whats your favorite childhood memories? One of my most memorable childhood memories is those disney cartoon that I've watched....and among all, I have listed down my favourite, top 3....and i love it till did bring me a lot of happy memories and taught me a lesson too...

1) The Lion King

My top number 1 favourite cartoon, I loved it as a child and I got really obsessed with it when i was small! Generally i just loved the film! For good reason too as it's absolutely great storyline. I love all the character especially Simba, Timon and Pumba. The movie will takes you on an incredible journey, and the end leaves you all satisfied and happy. Even now that i'm older, The Lion King is still my favourite childhood cartoon. I've never had one cartoon that I've loved as much as it! I believe although now i watch it again and again, i still love it.
I cry at the sad bits, laugh at the funny bits and no matter how many times I've seen it, it never gets old!I still remember i cry a lot especially when Mufasa died. It was the single most tragic scene of the movie. Plus, the song by Elton John, "Can you feel the love tonight" really a great awesome song!! Sometimes, I wish this movie will shown in cinema again! :P Probably this the reason why I like Madagascar so much...Alex, reminds me of Simba!

2) Beauty and The Beast

My second favourite, a morality the magical and pure love story...Just love everything of the movie, plot, character, music & songs! This is an old fairy tale love story. Watching how the Beast soften and fall in love with Belle, is really simple sweet! I like the way how Belle treat the beast, and change him. I always believe if a person really love you, he will change for you. Afterall, maybe I'm too childish to think like this! One thing that couldn't be miss is the library inside the cartoon! It just amazing!!! This probably a love story, fairy tale that everyone dream of. I wanna watch this again and again!

3) Cinderella

The world's greatest fairy tale. Every girl little dream to become another "cinderella", waiting for their prince to come and become princess. One of the reason i like about this cartoon, is the magical power and Cinderella's transformation scene. Watching how the Fairy Godmother show up, and turn a pumpkin into a carriage and send you to meet your true love is just cool! And one of my favourite scene is where the little mouse work together to sew a dress for Cinderella and we shouldn't miss out the glass slipper! Back home before 12am! Guess what, this is what my mom always told me whenever i went out with friends last time!! :P

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