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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apple iPad 2

24th February 2011

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As a Apple fan, I never stop reading the news of Apple new gadget! As well as other fans, we've been keeping our eyes open for all news and rumors that have popped up on the next iPhone & iPad. But today, i'm going to talk about iPad 2!

The rumor news that iPad 2 is coming, still hotly debated all among the web! According to Bloomberg Business Week, Apple has sent out invitation to reporters with the image of a corner of an iPad, says, "Come see what 2011 will be the year of." with the image of a calendar, stated the date. So, is this true?

When the Apple iPad was launched, I absolutely don’t see myself getting one.  iPad is getting famous and liked by many people, as they are expecting it to replace one’s netbook. It's been a year that Apple has launched this iPad, and so far right now, i still considered should i get it or not. Despite its elegance and blazing fast speed, i don't get myself an iPad is because, I can't really use it as notebook as there is no flash support, no camera and web-cam, no adobe apps, and no bluetooth! I understand that iPad still carry a lot others interesting apps which might more than enough! iPad is just a netbook killer!

However, good news is that Apple is going to launched an iPad 2. We all are aware that first generation device always lack of some features, like handphone. However, nothing is perfect and technology never stop. Apple never stop in getting us new tech. I believe some years later, Apple might launch an iPad 3! But now let's see what's coming in the next version of the iPad, that might attract me into buying it! I have read some articles online, and come across several reasons to wait for iPad 2!

5 reasons to wait for iPad 2,  from "Readwriteweb"

1) Wait for the Camera - It's coming!

As Mike Melanson pointed out yesterday, the lack of a camera in the iPad is potentially a "killer" issue for this once highly anticipated device. Without the ability to capture images and video, the iPad looks a lot less functional than the netbooks Steve Jobs happily ridiculed as "cheap" on stage during the event. Cheap they may be, but at least video chat is possible! Even the Facebook app he demoed - the same one ported over from the iPhone - is missing key features: the ability to post photos and videos shot with your mobile device.
But while the camera's omission is troubling, all hope is not lost. According to some early looks at the iPhone/iPad's SDK, there's an interface for a camera already implemented. In the Contacts application found in the kit's emulator, for example, you can tap the "Add Photo" button to add a picture to go along with the contact information. After doing so, a pop-up appears asking if you would like to "take photo" or "choose existing photo." Really, take photo? 

2) Voice call to come later

Another possibility for future iPad editions is that the (hopefully then webcam-enabled) device will also offer another critical component necessary for the implementation of video chat: voice. Although the iPad touts a microphone and speakers, how exactly voice chat will be implemented is still anyone's guess. The most logical choice, though, would be to allow for VoIP functionality via an app as opposed to a full-on cellular voice plan and the accompanying monthly bill that would require. Instead, allowing for VoIP apps would be something that could be added to any iPad model - even the entry-level, Wi-Fi-only one.

3) Read books on large screen

With the built-in iBooks or the free Kindle app (or other eBook app), the iPad can easily replace your Kindle and allows you do to more things as well. Yet these features are especially are important in selling an e-reader, especially if you want to convince college students to buy the device. Today's students, who mark up their textbooks with notes and highlighting, would have little use for an iBook's "read-only" nature. That means if iBooks are ever to compete with Kindle e-books, Apple will have to add in more interactivity in a future version of the iPad. Until then, colleges are likely to hold off on recommending the device to students, just as they're doing now. 

4) Wait for multitasking OS 4.0

Finally, there is the OS component. The iPad is built on the operating system that powers both iPhone and iPod Touch devices, iPhone OS. The current version of the tablet runs iPhone OS 3.2, but not, as hoped, a newer version of that same OS, version 4.0. According to sources, iPhone OS 4.0 is said to offer a new way to run applications in the background via multitasking. This feature, notably left out of the current operating system due to battery drain, says Apple, is a key selling point for the company's latest competitor, Android, the mobile OS designed by Google. And of coz, it will fast like crazy!

5) Memory

If you ever want to shock somebody, that’s not so up-to-date on technological issues tell them this: the iPhone 4, at 512MB, has twice as much memory as the iPad. Why? Simple: because the iPhone 4 had to do multitasking, and for that you need all the memory you can get.

The current iPad will do multitasking, once it gets iOS4.2, so the iPad 2 will definitely do it. The difference? The iPad 2 will have more memory (probably 512MB upwards) and be a lot better suited to multitasking and more intensive work than its predecessor.

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