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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tired morning

28th December 2010

Mood: Tired

What a bad morning for me! Suppose to wake up early today and able to reach office by 8.45am...however everything seem like not going well for me!!

A tired morning for me...when the monorail start to broke down, and i need to take a long way to my office...planning to drive directly to office, but too bad, i forgot to bring money today!!!!! All i have is only RM5.00 ....:P Have no choice, i need to take LRT star and change again to Putra...if i not mistaken, this is my first time taking Putra to work...and it reminds me again the time when i take tube to work. Crowded, rushing & running! I soooo miss tube, DLR and london buses now... :) Finally arrived at office 9.05am...considered LATE!!

and now i'm calculating whether i have enough money going back or not!! Anyway, no lunch for today..that's all :(

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