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Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Power of Ipad

1st December 2010

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Always looking for new gadget? Yes, if you just want to catch up with the trend. If you are apple lover, iPad is the one you looking for. Yes, iPad is coming to malaysia, and peoples are crazy for it. Some even just getting it without knowing why and for what. Always remember, if the gadget is suitable for your needs, then get it. Use it for whatever purpose you have in your mind. Use your gadget for what it's designed for. Just that simple! And that's what buying gadget is all about, isn't it? As for me, I love my iphone!

iPad is start selling in malaysia from today! The price range from RM1600 - RM2500...get to know that the selling price in malaysia is the cheapest among the world! No wonder, this has become one of the must have gadget. Believe it or not? Source from today "thestar newspaper" with a big headline "Long Queue to buy Apple's wonder tablet" and "Broken leg fails to stop man from getting iPad"...interesting? The guy who get to know iPad start selling today, quickly call her wife and daughter to pick him up from hospital, just to get an ipad. (source "The Star Online").

You might not know why, but iPad did have it own advantages! Check it out at Apple stores now!

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