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Monday, December 27, 2010

Alice ♥ Christmas

27th December 2010

Mood: Happy

Christmas is finally means that end of the year is on the is just so near! I wish everyone had a great Christmas! This year not received much present, but still enjoy! Thanks to my bf for the great Christmas gift and creative way to present it to me! :P

And for sure, thanks to my gang of friends too who organize a crazy Christmas party! Love u all so much, yes each of u! Beside, as what our "happy fruit" Mr Lee says, because of this gathering, we get to know each other more and create a better sure we will be together....hopefully, in the future, we will still sit down together and enjoy to the fullest...even when we grow old! Uncle and aunty party! :)

Love u all! And thanks Mr Lee for the greatest gift of the night! I really love bear! :P Nobody want Christmas present! Like this idea!

*Thanks, and i will take care of it!*

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