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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did you know

24th November 2010

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As we all aware, media play an important role in delivery message, not only news all around the world, but knowledge as well. And did you know who is Edward T.Hall? I remember i learn this when i was study in UK. Previously learn a lot of social theory...but now obviously, i really can't remember most of it. ><

Hall's most famous innovation has to do with the definition of the informal, or personal spaces that surround individuals. And because of him, we notice that there are 4 kind of space between humans. Everyone might not notice this in our everyday life.

Public distance -360cm onward. ( Obviously you will not stand nearby to a stranger, or even when a stranger walk nearby to you, you will feel uncomfortable and try to walk far away)

Social distance - between120cm - 360cm. ( the spaces in which people feel comfortable conducting routine social interactions with acquaintances as well as strangers.)

Personal distance - Between 45cm - 120cm. (This can be seen when we waiting for bus, or train. Strangers waiting for a bus or train or even lift will try to maintain at least 18" of personal space. Edward Hall's theory of proxemics suggests that people will maintain differing degrees of personal distance depending on the social setting and their cultural backgrounds.)

Intimate distance - from 45cm to 0cm distance between 2 person. This kind of space often happen between couple or family.

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