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Monday, October 18, 2010

Again, everything is fine when i say yes

17th October 2010

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Let's "happiness" come knocking your door?

Everyone wish for happiness..Is happiness just an emotion?

I believe one cannot be happy all the times, there’re times when we just wish we could skip some chapters in life like, when we read a book...skip the unhappy page...Someone says "happiness" is not something far away....the more happiness we bring to others, the happier we are...leave behind the unhappiness, it is history, it's past! But do we really can do?

When things get wrong, what we can do? Do we have the power to choose to be happy or unhappy? Each of us will experience sufferings...when unhappiness come knock the door, it wants us to learn the life's up and downs...the feeling is is hurt...You feel like you're the ugliest loser in the planet....the feeling and pain won't just go can even cry for the whole day...but it need time...time will take it patient and tough, tell yourself that the pain might not last forever...however, i know the feeling will ruin my day...oh..i hate it!

But learn - be forgiving...everyone makes a mistake...some people may hurt you intentionally or unintentionally...Life is too short to be filled with hatred...Tomorrow is another one, everyday from here to learn to forgive...

Last but not least, time is love...tell the people you love and care for is too short to regret...remember to pursuit for happiness....happiness is all happiness to others, at the same time you will obtain happiness for yourself too...remember the song by Justin timberlake...."What goes around come around"!

and happiness is on the way, and knock on your door!

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