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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


10th August 2010

Mood: Sleepy

Do what you hard and play hard....Don't kept repeating say "i'm not afford"...if you've aim for something, work hard to achieve it....dun give yourself and others excuse! Most people aim at nothing in life nowadays, and loses motivation without target is meaningless....some people just went to work without meaning, wasting their time at working place...

Anyway, there's something meaningful to 3 topics i read from other website..

1) Don't try to do everything at once..That just isn't going to happen all at once, and you're only making your goals more difficult to achieve.

2) For example, people who decide to quit smoking....there's no point deciding to quit smoking if you still keep a box of cigarette with you or giving yourself those bullshit excuse!  The greater the temptation, the quicker you'll screw up. Mouth kept saying "i promise to quit smoking"...but your action already show everything! Don't give any excuse to anyone... And you don't want to keep reminding yourself of what you've given up! 

3) Besides, always remember kept your money for something the money for your "must do" list...rather than other meaningless need. After some tough period, you can treat yourself to something with all the money you've kept back! 

Last but not least, kept optimistic!

Quote of the day, 

“You lose happiness when you choose to be unsatisfied.” 


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