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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hard Habit to Break

5th August 2010

Mood: Blur

A case that happen somewhere in malaysia, in a coffee shop...

Doesn't understand why there are peoples who speak good english can be so arrogant!?!? Agree, they can speak good english, even with good american accent, i do respect, but when only if you do respect us too. Everyone tried their best to speak in English to communicate with each other. I understand some might not speak good in english, not only us as a malaysian, but other countries too...

I just can't stand when they talk English in arrogant manner. Even some of them don't even know proper English..doesn't understand why they want to laugh at people and point at people mistake when they can't even speak proper english...Honestly, even myself not a good english speaker...i do understand how others feel when those arrogant english speaker try to laugh and criticize our english...For me, these kinds of stereotypes and racist attitudes held by those arrogant english speaker towards poor english speaker make me feel sad. How i wish if everyone could understand and help each others, and not criticize others...><

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