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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Alice ♥ holiday!

6th July 2010

Mood: Sleepy

So tired! Finally my holiday is end! I wish for more holiday plsss.....

Back from my short trip...a tired but enjoyable least able to grab myself some beautiful stuff...not too expensive as well...Even thought the long hour journey, estimate around 5 hours drive (first coach)...but still enjoy the moment in bus, watching some funny movies with my little snack! And of coz, Shirley who sitting next to me, kept chatting with me...such a memorable trip!!
Me, who never been to sentosa...finally able to visit this time...even though the weather is not that good on the first day, but love the weather on the next day...beach day!!! I love i wish i could went to beach for relax every week...maybe... :P great trip and meet some new friend as well!

*Universal studio!*

*♫ Lonely, lonely summer....*

Planning for next trip now!!! Where, where, where!!! Between, thanks to my friend who fetch know who you are...owe u a treat!! machi right! ^^

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