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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Learn to be alone without feeling lonely

8th June 2010

Mood: Lonely
Day: 26 days

Sitting alone in front of the pc...well...the feeling can be great but in some way, it's really kind of bored! Questions coming up in my mind, but i couldn't able to answer it...i dunno...should i stay or should i change?

I'm kinda strange...I love to be alone sometimes when i at home, i want peace, i love quite and enjoying my night with some drama or movies...maybe...without her..i feel a bit more girl chat!! :( that's all...

Quiet, peaceful night...i love it...but somehow, you might feel the loneliness surrounding you...i know we all have to face the feeling of loneliness. However, how we deal with it is completely up to us. For me, i always keep myself busy...all the time...and people will start questioning... there is some people who don’t believe I feel lonely..They will say, “You? Lonely? I don’t believe it! You’re looking pretty good! you are so busy, too much going for you...etc!!". Anyway, i just want a break! Give me a break! I'm so mentally tired..perhaps...

Sometimes it’s hard to look people in the eye. I really don’t feel depressed, just sometimes lonely and kinda boring, I can be happy by myself if I am busy or with the companion of some friends..."chat with me!" ...just have to get my ass up, dun be lazy!

I got to know some people always get really lonely and rely on my friends, family and boyfriend. Here, everyone must learn how to be alone without feeling lonely, keep yourself company and most of all learn to love ourself and not feel the need to lean on others...:) When the time is coming, do the right things! 

*Justin Timberlake - What's goes around, comes around...*

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