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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thelondonpaper 2006-2009

11th May 2010

Mood: Tired

Shock to know that londonpaper was no longer exist...even the website has been closed down! Sadly, i only aware now that thelondonpaper was forced to close on 18 September 2009. Still remember every morning, i went to work, with a cup of coffee and accompanied by a copy of londonpaper. Each time i went out will sure took a copy of the londonpaper, as it really contains interesting topics. Of course, my favourite was the lifestyle page, especially "street snap" column....

Everyday in london especially in Oxford, we can see many of the vendors wearing the trademark purple fleeces would take to strategic positions across the city and hand out half a million copies to everyone who passed by. Well for sure every evening trains and buses would be packed with readers all enjoying thelondonpaper's which is full of news and entertainment!! I know it will be missed by hundreds of thousands of Londoners and of coz myself too!! ><

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