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Monday, May 17, 2010


17th May 2010

Mood: Boring
Day: 3

Finally I've watch Ip Man 2, truely impressive movie!! As written by other blogger, it did a nice movie....Ip Man 2 looks fantastic and really does a grand job, with an incredible sequence and fighting scene which really reach the climax of the movie! It did no wastes even a single minutes in getting to the action and we can see how great the chinese martial art and as i aware, there's literally no wires used throughout the entire film. Can imagine how great it is? ^^ This film has a certain grace to it that you can’t help but to be proud of while you watch it. The reason is that Ip Man 2 depicts Chinese culture in its trueist form, especially at the end part, where Ip Man challenges Twister. During the interview session, Ip man says that "I did not fight Twister to prove that Chinese martial arts are superior to Western boxing. I did it to prove that even though people are not equal in social status, we are equal in deserving of respect." These words truly mean to me, where respect is a must morality behavior that people's generally should have and deserved. When one does not respect the others, they shall not deserved to earn the respect from others too.

*Huang Xiao Ming - truly cute & macho*

Been to Pavilion with my little sista to have lunch and movie...We have our lunch at "Little Ben Cafe" second visit i really love the lemongrass tea...the food is fine, not too bad, but poor it does not have much usual, i choose to eat pan mee, which is also signature dish of that cafe...but for next time, sure will not go for dry pan mee again!

 * Promotion - Set lunch including drinks & fruit...*

*Noodle beef soup*
 *The best ever lemongrass it!!*

Time for dessert after a movie! Snowflake will be the choosen i always saw there's quite of people queeu up everyday...As usual, since this my first visit, i will choose the signature dessert...i didn't notice display ad was "guai ling gao"..till i saw the menu written there...i always thought it was "cincau"...paisehhh!! I think what was so famous bout this dessert shop is that they were given out the "beeping UFO" device to customer as a waiting sign...once the device beeping, showing the red spot light, it means your order is ready, kindly collect it at the extremely intresting! Overall the dessert is fantastic, tasty, and the size is big enough for two persons actually...u even can choose the sweetness yourself...isn't it greats right~!

*After we order, we was given this beeping UFO*
*Signature dessert, guai ling gao...taste nice! Especially with the taro ball*
*My sista choice..snowflake with sweet potato, taro ball and jelly*


Anonymous said...

mana my portion !?!

Anonymous said...

where is my portion ???!! bangan betul

@lice said...

ask u come dun wan!!