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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do hardwork really work?

27th May 2010

Mood: Sleepy
Day: 13

Tired and sleepy...that's what on my mind now! Between it's holiday! After a long hour working, finally is the day, where i can enough rest...hopefully....Happy Wesak Day!

Time to time, i realised that i'm gaining weight! Time to control! Especially after the beginning of my new job! And for sure, money is spent more if compare to previous job! I really need to save..SAVE money from now onwards! Burden is getting heavy, i have no choice but to save....perhaps cut down my expenses, yumcha, and ....still the same, no more shopping spreee....just walk!! >< I believe this the hardest things i have to do!

Finally it's end of the precious month! Never wonder i've been work here for more than a month...two more months to go! Nowadays , as we know, life is get harder and harder day by day...i has to work a lot, and more efficiently in order to accomplish my aims because there are huge competition in the market now and even with high quality standards! I always believe that all those successful people in the world, are mainly accomlish their airms and dreams after a year by year hardwork and for sure with huge efforts. There's nothing to do with luck, even do luck did help sometimes...if we always think of waiting the incoming of our lucks, we cannot gain anything, yet mostly waste our time....On the other hand, if we work a lot, at least we can gain what we want, and might be successful one day...

As for me, personally I aware that i'm not a smart one, yet not that creative, plus a little bit stupid in some way...hence i have to work really really hard in order to success! I only have three months trying period (^^ my probabtion!)...i wish to prove to myself that i can do it! You know, sometimes when you can reach or accomplish a mission or aim what you wish for, this feeling is more honorful than the feeling of a lucky person!However, it is undeniable that sometimes we do need some luck in order to success...hoepfully my luck is coming over too...accompany me throughout this period....tough* Alright, it's time to study!!


Tai Ming said...

YOu can do it..IF there is a will, there is a way..Since when you getting fatter?cant really see it..lolz

@lice said...

Thanks tai ming! How've u been in genting? Getting fatter in some part...