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Saturday, May 22, 2010


22nd May 2010

Mood: Blank
Day: 8

Day at Caffeinees...Thanks to blogger, I got to know about this cafe. On & off I've been heard bout this cafe - C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E.E.S, even work nearby to it, but never give a try. Hence, on this meaningful month, i decided to give a try! Honestly, as i know. it's not that easily accessible by everyone, as the cafe is hidden somewhere in between those housing area....however, it's still reachable. In order to hunt for good food, I believe everyone would willing to look for it!

Reach there around my was like an empty house - caffeinees...maybe i'm too early...there's only two customers was quite dark inside as well....maybe not enough of spotlight! The menu quite interesting...u have a lot of choices....that's the difficulties, as u may wish to order everything!

My dinner for the night! ~ Caffeinees - Caribbean chicken fettucine... Surprisingly, this pasta tastes a little spicy but actually it is not. I didn't know what sauce it use, but the taste is superior! I love the fettucine, it taste unique, especially with the mushrooms in it! But somehow, it does not contain any chicken meat, but only chicken ham....perhaps it is smoother to be swallowed. This is highly recommended, but honestly it quite expensive...cost around RM17!

* Mushroom soup with garlic bread!*


For me, this is totally upset! The taste is terrible...i'm not sure if this is the original taste of mushroom soup, but it taste totally different with what i have in other restaurants! I feel like nothing when try it, no taste! It just like cream with bubble...perhaps they forgot to add in salt, maybe! 

I have forgotten what this dish called, sigh... Well, it is chicken chop with special cheese sauce if i'm not mistaken! I think the price for this is quite reasonable! ^^

*Lovely Caffeinees apple juice...*

*and my tired face*

Last but not least, thanks to my friend who celebrating with me at caffeinees!  ^^

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