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Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Job, New Start

25th April 2010

Mood: Blank

Just a brand new start for me....since 2008, when i back from UK...everything need to start all over again and again! I hate it, but no choice, i have to face it!! My first full time job did bring me some happy moment..but unfortunately, unable to satisfy me as it not really fullfill my interest....finally i have make a move, to a new start, decided to chase my dream job...choosing the right career...and yes, now i just want to focus on my career, that;s all....maybe i'm such a foolish, but when you start realise, you are nothing, you have nothing, and you are just yourself alone, you will think of getting smtg that really belong to urself...honestly i did felt tired once, as i been work so hard all the while, but never wonder what i have get, never learn anything, just an empty me...definately this time, i will work harder than before because i believe there's always a miracle...i met nice and friendly collegues, and hopefully everything goes well! ^^

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