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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Old Town Wantan Mee!

6th March 2010

Mood: Tired

Been to old town, which nearby my house...i'm in a very hungry mood...hence, whatever food i see sure be nice! Officially plan to order the old town prawn mee, as i try before, Jalan Ipoh old town prawn mee is the best compare to other old town....however today i saw a new menu coming up! It was dumpling mee aka old town wantan mee! I understand it Old Town is halal restaurant....sure the dumpling is not made from pork as well as the meat...but i still give a try....

To my suprise...the outlook of the wantan mee is looking good as advertise....however i totally upset with the taste of the mee!! The wantan mee was so rough...and honestly I personally felt the wantan mee is not cooked enough! The chicken meat was so so only....and the dumpling aka wantan was.....i think the wrapper a bit thick...i only can feel the taste of the flour..perhaps it not well done cook as well!! I think only the vege and potato is nice only! I'm so sorry that i never will try Old Town wantan mee anymore...><

*Old Town Wantan Mee*

*The wantan even cold!!*

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