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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I ♥ Google!!

24th February 2010

Mood: Exciting

Such an amazing!! Thanks to google..I can visit London anytime as i like...i really miss UK a lot...every minute, every hour!! Google is amazing! ♥♥♥

London, here i come!! First of all, visit my previous home, place where i live when i was in London!

*My fav after work shopping mall - Tesco*
*The road i used to walk back to my home*
*My previous home...miss it!!! *

And is time to show my working place!! Where i work? Honestly i really enjoy going work everyday in the morning...wake up at 7.30am...get ready by 8am....get my breakfast and take bus to greenwich...later on, take transit to west ham and then to Barking! With a cup of hot mocha....where i buy it at Kiosk, in Barking tube station, and walk to my working place, Vicarage shopping centre which is just opposite the tube.

Barking station!

*The place where i Asda inside - my sec choice of supermarket!!*

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