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Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy CNY - WooHoo!

19th February 2010


It's february...another brand new month and brand new year! Chinese new year is coming....a damn bloody hot new year! I've been sick since the first day afternoon of cny...from headache to flu to cough and now sore throat...perhaps is the weather...too good for the way, wish everyone warmth, togetherness, prosperity & Gong Xi Fa Cai in this CNY!!! ^^

This year cny a bit different for me...why? Because i'm sick...and the feeling is different..however in my mind, i totally can't recall back how am i celebrate my last year just like i have totally forget the past...i always try to forgot...but i know there is something that will never i can forget...the memory will follow me till i leave the world one day...of coz, i wish i will never forget too...i love the past...♥♥♥

Well, this year as usual, visiting my aunts and cousin them...and's damn hot outside!!!!! Make me sick as a result....i always wish everyone went smoothly this year...however seems like a bad start for me...hmmm...anyway, once a year visit my cousin..and of coz will miss them...and i wish we can gather as much as we can....and congrat to my another cousin who going to give birth next month....hopefully everyone can gather again!!

                                                               *Lou ah, lou ah!!*

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