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Friday, January 29, 2010


28th January 2009

Mood : Excited

It's wednesday yesterday, and i have take half day leave...been to midvalley for survey and dinner with sister aka oink oink! Quiet a while din been to MV...but nothing has changes..same as crowded as before...before went to survey,  i was wondering what kind of survey it is...i never register for any survey for this several months, but somehow there's people who call me up and ask me to join....all i know is a survey regarding "casual wear"...

Sharp 7pm, i reach the office..."Synovate"...after register, i was brought to a room where there is other people who participate too....we were nicely served and provided dinner pizza hut!! However, i have taken my just watching the other have their pizza as dinner! Well, the survey finally start, and finally i know what it is all about!! It is "ADIDAS!!" brand new sport wear, with clima cool technology!  It is a quiet interesting survey, where i can meet new friends, and might have chance to participate the others in the future....wondering what is our reward, well....there is cash and adidas voucher give to us!!

Once survey is done, i meet up my sister for Delicious...been to there some time, but this the first time trying at MV...i like the overall design of's simple yet nice!!

*RM100 voucher from Adidas! Wondering what to buy....*

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