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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Saddest Landscape

30th December 2009

Mood : Blank

Where have you been to this christmas? Christmas feeling is gone...i dun feel anything...white and pure christmas is everywhere, but i can't feel it! Something has change...every little things has change...perhaps me has change too....i can't remember, since when i started to change...i didn't know what happen to myself...:(

Sometimes i wish i was born in the 70's...perhaps now i'm already grown up become 30's above...everything settle in the 90's...i hate current, no matter politics, economy, human nature...bla bla....except the advance of the technology such as internet! :P

Back to the past, turn back time, rewind and rewind...if life is like a DVD or tape where we can rewind, which part of memory we would like to keep, or stop...However, there's no rewind and rewind..past is will fade away, beauty will fade away, even memory do fade away....maybe it is not good to remember, but it will still part of our life...we can't delete it no matter how...we will bring the memory to the matter how many new years we going to celebrate, the sadness memory is still there... 

Going to say goodbye to 2009, year of sadness...wishing for a bright and happiness 2010...

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