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Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon

26th November 2009

Finally on show!

Still remember the first day when i watch Twilight, it was so fantastic, as the movie is absoulety dramatic and romantic too! Guess what, Edward is such a cool actor! I been admire him since then...but no worry, admire not what i means as crazy fan of him...Been waiting for so long long time...finally new moon is arrived! On cinema today...i bet the whole cinema should be full....unfortunately couldn't able to get myself a tix today! Have to wait for tomorrow! And yes! We get it! Tomorrow will be a gathering with my college friends and watching new moon...some says should watch it with bf, but who care! Since i'm being single at the moment, only able to catch it with my gang of friends..:)

New moon, i'm coming for u tomorrow!! But such a waste that i have not watch 2012 yet!!! :(

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