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Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Dream Cubie

31st October 2009

New Cubie!

Been to shopping i always planning to buy a new camere...maybe now is the time...been looking for many camera all the time, and finally found one! That quite meet my requirement...but uncertain whether the cam is good enuf or not!! Should get in next month!

Any opinion on this?


Capture Precious Moments with Your Loved Ones with AVCHD Lite
a) 12.1 Megapixels

b) 18x Optical Zoom
c) 2.7" Wide Auto Power LCD
d) 27mm Wide Angle Lens
e) Ultra High-Speed AF
f) LEICA DC Lens
g) iA - Intelligent Auto Technology
h) HD Movie AVCHD Lite

More information -


ALeX said...

I've checked out some reviews and overall the feedbacks are majority positive. I personally think it's a good enough camera for such a price.

@lice said...

i quite like the design too...i think should be a correct choice guaaa

ALeX said...

I think so too. You should go and check it out at a panasonic or camera outlet shop and see for yourself how it fits your hand and feel. Coz this is afterall not a compact digital camera where you can put into a pocket.