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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Women FAT/SLIM is not based on their weight!

29th November 2009

Mood :- Blur

Is this possible? I'm underweight? How could this happen to me?? Sometimes the words is just meant to be heard, but it means nothing to me...Been to gym and have a true fitness body check today...

According to them, my muscle mass is very low! Shall i built more muscle? hmm hai gua! 48.8kg is underweight??? My target suppose to be 45kg! Last year was 45kg, and today was 48.8kg, it means i have gained 3.8kg jorrr!!! Anyway, according to the consultant, women fat/slim is not based on their weight, becoz weight consists of fluid inside our body. Hence, dun have to worry that "i'm not underweight!"

I'm abnormal? Not even to the normal line! Except fat distribution...tat's mean i have enuf fat inside my body!

My BMI is low...hmmm....but i still considered healthy jorr! Anway i'm not underweight lar...they unable to see the fat hidden inside me only! :(

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FCUK said...

let's go makan!!