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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Woman Behind Andy Lau

1st September 2009

Would you ever think of becoming a woman like - woman behind Andy Lau?

Are you willing to wait for more than 20 years....a woman without any title? It did touch my heart to read the news...i'm happy for them...since Andy Lau finally appearing and holding hands with Carol in public seems to admit his love relationship with Carol. Andy and Carol are together secretly for 24 years, in order not to hinder the career of the heavenly king, Carol had always been the woman behind Andy’s back, giving all without a title, even not able to catch a movie or shopping. Until this year, both of them appeared together in Kuala Lumpur, and finally andy lau admitted it and give her the title. Feel happy and bless them...i believe there's seldom people outside would willing to become a woman like Carol...even myself...for me 10 years might be the limit!! Anyway, some might think how poor she is have to wait such a long period...but who know if there is happiness or sweet memories behind...nobody will know unless herself...but one things we pretty sure, that Andy is truly love we all know andy has less rumours with other star...he only work, work and i wish i could find someone who truly love me too...:)

Finally, according to Andy Lau, "I'm ashamed that I have not been able to keep my promise and tell everyone about it [the relationship], I have caused my family, friends, and friends in the media much embarrassment, I am sorry... I will explain everything in due time,” (

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