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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


13th September 2009

Great Weekend!

Been to skytrex yesterday in the early morning...i'm so tired my bed so muchhiii....Wake up at 11.45am sharp! as I already promise to accompany my friend for a movie...i want to watch this movie long long time ago liao! Finally able to catch it todayyy~

Oprhan...It was GREAT!! Never watch such kind of movie in cinema before..but this one is definitely worth the money. Kind of mystery, horror & thriller movie..that surprised me! Look at the title "OPRHAN" will never know what it all about, but just "orphan"...however the movie turned out to be a horror and brilliant story! For me, orphan is very disturbing and pretty gruesome. The movie overall is excellent, with great acting, an amazing script, and excellent execution. It did make you went nuts!

Overall, "Orphan" was a movie that truly will surprise you. The movie really has a lot of suspense and packs a big punch to the you all!! Remember, watch only if you are 18 & above...

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