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Monday, September 07, 2009

Selangor Holiday!

7th September 2009

It's holiday again!

Today is selangor holiday! As usual, i plan my holiday well...ermm...early in the morning, i received a call from my collegue, saying that she has booked a spa whole body True Spa Fitness....since i've been feel stress all the time to do a massage..a thai massage is the best!! Relaxing, relieve stress..aromatherapy massage~

Later on, been to KL...wth is today...selangor holiday? And KL is jam!! Terribly traffic jam!! I hate it! Totally sucks! All the way jammmmmmmmm!!!! It tooks me more than an hour to reach KL from PJ...and i'm so hungry arrrr! I know it's has been malaysia trend to stuck in traffic jam...a no reason traffic...

Sales is everywhere today....and i've been spending money again...haizz...on what..on a shoe and a bag...there's another sandal & a working bag i wanna bag...but it too expensive! I just a bag and a vincci shoe..tat's all! Clothes, i'm coming..wait for me!!


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