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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All About Food

6th September 2009

The good vs the bad... Wonder what am i describe....anyway is all about food!! Currently getting fat as there is too much attraction of food all around...for the past two weeks, have tried out some food that never tried before all around PJ...

1) Sushi Tei (Tropicana Mall branch)

Budget sushi is here...nice environment with nice sushi...the price is fine, not that expensive as sakae sushi...about the taste, i think is ok for me. Not bad to have a try...but the service is totally....maybe during the time i went there, the service is badddd...there's no welcome feeling, and no facial expression on those waitress...hmmm...anyway, nothing wrong to have a try, frens...this is just me, as a customer offence. Thanks.

Food Rating - 3/5  Service - 1/5

2) Honeymoon (1 Utama branch)

The name sound sweet...of is a dessert cafe...1 utama branch not much ppl...i heard my frens say Kepong branch is better....but i never try...juz try here...overall, i'm not very satisfied with the did look nice...but the taste not really nice...i think "kei tak sik" is better moreeee!!

I was attracted to the menu photo, all the dessert look so tempting and promising.  Since I was very thirsty, I need something very mango is the choice!!

*Taufu fa with black sesame sauce*

*My fav - mango...but a bit upset...the mini glutinious rice is damn difficult to chew!!*

Food Rating - 3/5  Service - 1/5

3) Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant

Looking for korean food during Raya holiday...We originally planned to eat at Jung Won, but ended up in Nak Won Restaurant in Ampang instead...due to financial problem my sister face, we decide a cheaper one...the place not kinda nice environment...But overall this really a very filling lunch during the holiday...There were 5 of us that day. Everyone ordered their individual dishes and we ordered 2 servings of chicken for BBQ purpose. One great thing i never wonder about this place is that the waiters will help you do the BBQ part so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself or else you get smelly. I absolutely love korean side dish!! But this one has less compare to Nak Won.

*My soup paste bean soup*

*Kimchi soup, damn spicy*

*BBQ Chicken...taste like satay*

*Cheers..selamat hari raya!! smtg wrong with malion head..*

Food Rating - 3/5  Service - 4/5


Anonymous said...

celaka...wat financial issue problem...!!

@lice said...

Malion..i know who u r!!