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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Transformer - Revenge of the Fallen

6th July 2009

Been to Pavilion for movie...

I've been waiting for this since last week...trying my best to book for the tix...finally it comes! Been to pavilion for lunch at Ichiban Ramen and sharp 3pm, holding my super combo corn (ermm..share within 6 ppl)... queue up while waiting to get inside the cinema was quiet exciting day for me and my family...had been more than 5 years gua, i din bring my dad to cinema..not even with my sister them...hence, this time should not be miss, i decided to bring my whole family together with me, to have a beautiful dating on sunday..and catch the latest box movie now ~ Transformer!! (trying to be guai lui now..^o^)

*Bumblebee is cute!*
Anyway, overall the movie is great! I should rate it - 4 stars (per 5) star was gone due was a bit there are too many of them coming out at the same time...i unable to differentiate which is autobots, and which is deception...all the same!?!? It's a bit mess up..a lot of computer effects, with it non-stop booms & metal groan...the story end too fast...i mean the ending part...without 5 min, primes already defeat the deception...anyway, it's quiet entertaining as there's some jokes and funny plot! I love Megan Fox...she's so hotttt!! For some reason, i still like the movie! I love Bumblebee so much!! Waiting for Transformer 3!! I wanna watch transformer 1 again and again!!

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