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Friday, July 10, 2009

Time to relax

8th July 2009

Genting Trip with free room ~ 6GB!!

Been tired for a week, and before i going mad with all my invoice..i wanna relax!!! Finally able to take leave on promotion available now...with genting card, u able to get a free room..but need to book earlier before it finish! My aunt has a book a room for me and my sister...thus we plan to have a trip to genting on monday and back on tues....i got a super deluxe room!! it was such a wonderful trip except the "money" i lost in Casino...damnnnn~ =_=; lucky not much..if not, i need to starve myself for a week!! Looking forward for the next trip~

*This is called - Super Deluxe Room*

*Home made - Curly hair*

*Watching ghost movie!*

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