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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


15th July 2009

Best wishes, blessing...

Went to relatives wedding dinner straight after skytrex....i'm so tired!! Wake up early morning, been to extreme challenge....i was so so rush that day...finish my skytrex at around 5pm...later on waiting for skytrex shutter bus to getting out from the "jungle"...(need to take shutter bus in order to get to skytrex spot)...around 6pm...from Shah Alam rushing back to my house in KL....luckily my friend is a good driver...around 7.10pm i reach home, then bath and change clothes...then straight to dinner venue - Restaurant Dragon Boat! I know my "look" is so so tired...looking at ppl getting married is really happy than any others...blessing them~ The overall night goes well, and the food is nice too!!

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