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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Absolutely Devasted

1st July 2009

Have you ever had the feeling of fear?

Sometimes i did felt sorry to my friend...i really believe someone can be really hypnotized...when someone always talk about someone, all the time you will believe what this people will say. As a friend, we should put trust on another, as you believe he/she treat you as a friend, but in turn, they just act / pretend to be ur fren in front you...dun you ever think how scary it is...thus, a feeling of fear will growth inside your heart whenever u need to meet this kind of people...we love to be friend with anyone..we all share our life story, friends story...even some secret...but never thought all this story was spread to did hurt when you know the truth...a feeling of disappointed...and what we should learn from this is, appreciated your true friend...for me, i love my gang of friends, really miss those time study in liverpool!! xxx

I did meet someone who told me since they are fake in front of you, why dun u behave the same way....honestly, i try it before, like even chat or smile to this firiend...but i started to feel stress and behave in that way...i rather be myself or avoid any activities that being held...still remember, Joyce complaint to me once about his roomates...the same story happen to her as well...she felt totally upset with her that moment, i really dunno how she feels, but now, i really understand in-depth how she feels...i really wish she was here, as there is someone i can talk to...and share with...but i know it is matter how, i told her before not to worry, and stay happy..remember who you i will do the same...i will remember who am happy, no worry...:)

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