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Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's escape to Urbanscapes!

29th June 2009

KLUE @ Urbanscapes 2009

Been to Urbanscapes on last saturday, 27th...damn hot and it is sunny saturday!! ....the venue...very very near...juz behind my house...KL Pac, Sentul...nearby to KTM can i miss out such amazing event!! Thiis is an interesting event and a lot of stuff selling there!!! Great days anyway....this event is only once a year!!! Including, fashion, Art, music, design, film, and etc!!

What is Urbanscapes?
Urbanscapes is organised by KLue and is the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. Urbanscapes aims to bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, fashion/lifestyle and film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene. Urbanscapes 2009 feature involvement from KLue's sister publications Junk and Tongue In Chic. Junk is the hosting the music stages, while Tongue In Chic bringing some colour and fashion flair to the marketplace.

It really a happening event in KL...since i'm back to KL, seldom join or went to this kind of UK, everywhere is such an event but in malaysia, not much and not really comfortable to walk as well's too hot!!!! Anyway, i might rate this is as a quite successful event...a lot of people is joining, and there's quite a lot of things to visit and walk~ Unfortunately...i din bring my cash!! Waste~ Miss out a lot of great cheap stuff!!! xxxxxxxxx

* I love lomography!! Anyway i have fisheye with me! *
* Fish i know this is a hand-made pond!! *
* Food area...*

*Urbanscapes 2009*

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