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Sunday, April 26, 2009


26th April 2009

You are gone....

I never ever realise that life is so unpredictable....when i wake up, time has slipped away...and you are not here anymore....only the memories you left behind..and the laughter and tears.....remember our promise, remember our date, remember our girl chat... and I realised that we unable to make it anymore... feel that i have i lost something valuable....i still have so much things to do with you, and remember our trip? Honestly, i really can't accept the reality that you are not here anymore...i can't find anyone to share my secret...all i can do is to read back all the message you left for me, and our girl chat.... Girl, no matter where you are, i will still send you message to share my secret, happy or tears with you...Because, you are always in my heart, and we are still the best fren ever....i miss you so much...

Girl, remember you ask me what b'day present i wish to get...i really don't know what i want...but if possible i just want you to be back...but i know this is an impossible gift i will get now or forever...may you rest in peace...

Regards & love,

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