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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Shopping~

25th January 2009

Chinese New Year shopping!!

Damn sunny day on saturday....went to Pavilion with my sister...plan to grab some chinese new year clothes and anything!! However, at the end, i only buy some mask and foot scrub for myself, and clothes for dad and mom, but none for myself!! Haha...anyway tody went to 1 utama to have cny lunch and finally grab some!! Here, i wish my family and all my frens a happy and properous Chinese New Year!!!
*Pavilion, KL*
*Ichiban Boshi at Pavilion*

*Just recovered from Chikukenya sister...look at her face...*

*Love Sushi*

*My sizzling dory in garlic cream sauce...*

Sunday, 25th....

*Shabu Shabu at 1 Utama...*

*Homemade Pork Ball..*

*Nice tea..*
*Different kind of sauces..*
* to grab something!!*

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