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Thursday, July 24, 2008


24th July 2008

Camden Town

I really LOVE Camden town a lotsa!!!!! Camden town or we called Camden Market is one of London's most vibrant areas, a truly a city within a city. It covers a large area and most of the stalls and shops is open area...Almost like Petaling Street Malaysia, but of coz 80% more fun and exciting than Petaling street!! People say Camden Market is the only place to be when we want to escape the posch lifestyle of Central London..I really fall in love with Camden town and been there more than three times! Anyone who went there will surely appreciate this quick little take on the area and absolutely love it!! You can see any kinds of people's over there, from hip hop, emo, indie, vintage, punk, rave to etc!!! Besides, it does have lot of nice food from different countrys such as chinese, japanese, thailand, italian, indian, french, and blah blah!!

Camden town got a lot of cheaps things that we can't in Oxford Street...and the most important is that they have a lots of vintage shop!! I love vintage!! Well, sometimes the things or stuffs that we can't find, maybe can have a look at Camden!! And me, last week, when i went there, i grab the bag that i have longing and looking for!! It's quite cheap at there compare to buy it on ebay...

*Finally, my pretty vintage BLACK QUILTED bag!*


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