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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Summer Dress

26th May 2008

It' s Summer again!!!

Summer is coming!! What a wonderful season i have been waiting for.....i love summer in's great!! Everyone dress simple and less...that's what you can see during summer only....While winter, everyone dress unique, and lot's even myself...During winter, you can dress up as beauty as you like...with coat, scarf, boot, hand groves, and everything you want to put up on yourself....while summer, just as simple and less as you like...i even saw some ppl just wearing bikini top and a short in a shopping complex!! That's what we called summer!!! It's great!!

As for me, i do love's time to put on all my summer clothes that never been wear....My summer collection that has been kept in the cupboard for quiet a century, i think!! Haha...^0^... i did get myself some new summer clothes as well....last week, i just bought a new dress...a very simple dress from Topshop,'s a white vintage boho summer 2008 collection!!! It cost me around 40 does hurt me...but anyway i'm lovin it!!!

*My Summer vintage dress*

1 comment:

mars said...

manyak duit beli baju mahal...!! ada nampak dress putih..long one.u see in my blog...somethings like tat..tolong beli..murah ckp la